shinyjpg asked: Holy crap I love your music. It's addicting.

«3 «3 #thanku we are making more right now!!!!

kylescrambles-deactivated201312 asked: Hey, I just wanted to say I really dig your music and what you're doing, and the fact that you're from Michigan just makes you that much better. Vocally you sort of remind me of As Cities Burn, which is pretty rad. I know you're in Chicago now, but if you'd ever like to play a show in Port Huron (Far east Michigan) get ahold of me! I'd love to set something up sometime!

Thank you so much! We’ll definitely be back to michigan for some touring as soon as our next release comes out, keep up with us, the end of the summer is looking bright!

batqueen asked: youre so good!

<3 ~*omg*~ thx bb <3

mildlyangrymoms asked: Thank you for following! I love local bands, and although your stationed in the Chicago area, you're from Michigan and that makes you part of my local band "family." :)

YES! We still have SO MUCH Michigan pride! we’re Michiganders first. <3